Soothe Your Heartburn During Pregnancy | Parenting

Take a look at your diet. Grease, citrus or other acidic foods can cause your heartburn to go into overdrive. If possible, stay away from these foods as much as possible, or at least eat them in moderation if you must indulge.

How to Relieve Heartburn during Pregnancy

When to eat Source: 3. When, and How to Eat your Food It might sound silly that you have to be told when and how to eat your food, and this How to Avoid Heartburn Tip is actually one of the hardest for me to follow, but learning when and how to eat your food can actually help you to avoid the pain of heartburn in the first place. When: Most people in the U.S. eat three pretty large meals during the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a few snacks in between. As a pregnant woman trying to avoid heartburn, you are going to want to try and eat many more small meals throughout the day as well as eating snacks in between. If you can do this, you may not even have to worry about tips for relieving heartburn because you wont get it in the first place.

Twin Mummy and Daddy. Our IVF Journey: All the fun of living life with twins: 10 ways to help soothe heartburn during pregnancy

I’d never had heartburn before in my life so I didn’t really know much about it or how I could ease the discomfort. However, I did find that a few things could help to soothe it. Here are a few tips on how to soothe heartburn. Take your time when eating. I’m quite a fast eater and found that this would actually make my heartburn worse. By eating my food slowly my heartburn became less The above tip goes for drinking too. I always have a glass of squash with my meals and found that taking small sips also helped to soothe heartburn Sleep propped up.

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