Breaking Up The College Cartel: “dangerous” Or Necessary? – Forbes

Team Report – APPALACHIAN STATE – Yahoo Sports

(Parenthetically, in negotiating regulatory hurdles, it helps to be the creation of 19 governors and to have a federal law on the books that was specifically designed to allow you to operate). Why would we expect that tiered eligibility would suddenly lead accreditors to deviate from decades of tradition and enthusiastically embrace new organizations that look nothing like a college? Maybe they would.

‘Never happen’: The dollars and sense behind why John Cena remains WWE’s top babyface – Yahoo Sports

As NPR’s Frank Langfitt reports, the protesters say they will attempt to paralyze the city’s financial district with protests after an announcement that gives the territory a vote in 2017, but only from a group of candidates hand-picked by a pro-Beijing committee. The pro-democracy movement, known as Occupy Central a reference to the city’s main business district says in a statement that Beijing’s approach deprives voters of genuine choice. “Instead of trying to gain the trust of the people, something governments have always had to do, our central government is now afraid of the people and has lost their trust,” the group said in a statement. Frank says: “Officials in Beijing argue that Western-style democracy is not appropriate for such a huge country as China. Successful, open elections in Hong Kong, which is a former British colony, could make that argument a little harder to make.” The BBC quotes Benny Tai Yiu-ting, co-founder of the Occupy Central protest group, as saying China’s move means “the end of any dialogue. “In the next few weeks, Occupy Central will start wave after wave of action,” he said.

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The Red Wolves pulled away from an upset scare Saturday by scoring 24 points in the second half of a 37-10 win in Jonesboro, Ark. Clutching a 13-7 lead at the break, ASU outscored the FCS visitors by 21 in the final two quarters. Michael Gordon, Terrance Hollingsworth and Johnston White each scored a rushing touchdown and junior quarterback Fredi Knighten threw for 142 yards and a score. The Wolves also dominated statistically by racking up 547 yards of total offense — but turned the ball over twice. Takeaway: The Blake Anderson era got off to a positive start, but there were plenty of concerns for ASU to dwell on moving forward.

Team Report – ARIZONA CARDINALS – Yahoo Sports

“The analogy he (Bartel) gave is that you can give somebody the recipe but it doesn’t mean they are going to make the bread as good as you,” Lindley said. “You get into the between the lines, you’re on your own.” –Rookie Kareem Martin , a third-round pick, already has gained 10 pounds since arriving in Arizona, Arians said. That would put Martin in the 285-pound range, and Arians thinks the 6-6 defensive end/outside linebacker can accommodate more weight. “He can be 300 before you know it and still keep his quickness and his pass-rush ability,” Arians said.

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Hong Kong Activists Protest China’s Control Of Leadership Vote : The Two-Way : NPR

But it doesn’t take an MBA to figure out that it comes down to one thing – money. The latest edition of The Wrestling Observer newsletter (subscription required, but recommended), confirms as much: …the idea of turning Cena heel would be mind-bogglingly stupid. The key is merchandise. With Bryan and Punk gone, Cena’s merchandise was recently and may still be outselling the entire rest of the roster combined.

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